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Vertigo gives us the opportunity to take along Vertigo's multi facet doings to your homes.

You are welcome to freely wonder through the  site and enjoy Vertigo's colorful world.

The navigator is spontaneous… Although we pointed out incredible milestones for you     


art. human & nature

art. human. nature
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Will take you to Vertigo's memorable creations, comprising trailers,

full length works pieces and behind  the-screen charming glimpses.



You will discover the mixed dance world - the strength of the power of balance, 

dancers will explore the training program and  immerse  in Noa Wertheim's Tedx lecture



We'll tour through vertigo's ecological art village,

the birth of the Phoenix in Jerusalem, and walk through Vertigo's Time Tunnel.

Enjoy a remarkable visit to Vertigo's world, your impressions are important to us.



This online festival presents 2 premieres:

Bardo & Biography

During these tough times, Vertigo stays close to you and moves on to new inventive horizons.


Guest Book

At Vertigo we believe in dialogue - move us with your insights, feelings and views.

Vertigo  is supported by : 


Ministry of Culture and Sport, Cultural Administration, Dance Department


 Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Inter-Civilization Dialog & the Matanel Foundation

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