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The Resilience Farm at Vertigo Eco-Art Village

Vertigo Dance Company is excited to announce the addition of our Eco-Art Village to the “Resilience Farm” project. This welcome initiative is led by the Ministry of Defense, the IDF, the Israel Defense Forces Disabled Veterans Organization, and the Psychology Faculty at Reichman University

The village was selected to be one of five centers where the program will be operated

The Need

In the history of Israel, only 1,500 soldiers have received preventive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Since the start of the current war, over 400 have been referred to the Ministry of Defense for recognition of post-traumatic disability.

The estimated number of people with post-traumatic stress disorder from the current Gaza war is about 30,000.

Professionals estimate that 15% of combat soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress and will need treatment.

Who Are We?

The “Resilience Farm” program is an innovative model that offers regular and reserve soldiers who have experienced trauma as a result of the war, a green, safe, pleasant, and isolated space where they can undergo a comprehensive and extensive rehabilitation process.

The process will be led by a multidisciplinary team and will take place three times a week, for eight hours each time, for two months.

Participants in the program will benefit from therapeutic sessions alongside body and mind workshops,Qigong, Feldenkrais, and meditation; and sculpture and ecological building workshops.

The Program’s Goal

The goal of the “Resilience Farm” program is to provide preventive treatment, reduce post-traumatic illnesses, and significantly reduce future outbreaks for soldiers serving the country.

 We invite you to to join us and support our soldiers!

Vertigo Resilience Farm
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